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    The Myth and Reality of a Private Investigator

    Some of you may misunderstand the job of a private Investigator as shown in the movies but in reality it way different than that. Let’s see here how

    1. Not a James Bond

    Average private investigator doesn’t usually spend their time trying to undercover global conspiracies from a casino, but for many of our clients, we provide a vital service that can help them resolve difficult situations in their own lives or businesses. We work on a variety of different cases. Most of them are related to marital affairs

    2. Circumventing the law

    One of the most common misconceptions about private investigators is that they can circumvent the law. They do not have authority like police officers and actually have to follow the law. They cannot impersonate people or trespass on private property. In fact, private investigators need to obtain information very carefully, following the letter of the law, to ensure that it’s permissible in court.

    3. Private Detectives have access to Non Public Information

    Private investigators cannot access police, CIA, or FBI intelligence and cannot access confidential documents. However, PI’s are highly trained to use public information to their advantage. They know all of the information that is public and are trained to know what to look for and to sift through it carefully. PI’s can find information you might have missed and uncover documents you couldn’t find to find the answers you’re looking for. Additionally, PI’s often have connections with law enforcement officials that can help you get the information you’re looking for.

    4. They Can Access Bank Accounts

    One of the tasks that is often given to private investigators is to locate assets. Private investigators are very skilled at finding hidden bank accounts and assets. However, they cannot actually access bank accounts. In fact, under the law, no one can access a person’s bank account without their permission. Therefore, while PI’s can locate bank accounts, they cannot access them.

    5. Their Days are Action-Packed

    Often times, people picture private investigators in car chases and other dangerous situations, running from one thrill to the next. However, private investigators actually spend a lot of time in an office, collecting information online, doing research, reviewing notes, and connecting the dots in their cases. When they’re out in the world, PI’s are typically discreetly following people or conducting interviews. Private investigators are, in reality, more like researchers than anything else.

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