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    What are the Charges of Private Detective in India?

    How Much a Private investigator Cost?

    Cost of hiring a Private Investigator must be the first question to come up in your mind when hiring a private detective. Well, there is no fixed price for the services involved in private investigation as it depends on several factors like:

    • The kind of investigation and/ or surveillance required.
    • How long the surveillance/investigation lasts.
    • Number of hours need to spend on an investigation, as well as what particular service is being performed during that time.
    • What type of tool and human resource required to satisfactorily complete the investigation.
    • Where this investigation will be conducted. For example, does it require a private detective to travel outside of the area and for how long?

    Our experienced private detectives in India can provide an estimate fee before any investigation begins. Contact us at 8810614279 or email us at support@andtoro.com. We are providing free consultation where we can understand your needs.

    Terms and Conditions

    • Client should provide initial details to start the investigation process.
    • Like (Candidate Photo, Vehicle Number, Mobile Number, Full Address, & if any other details about candidate)
    • Client must co-operate with us throughout the case.
    • Client should not hide any details regarding the case.
    • If same case done by any other detective agencies, client should tell us the status of work with other detective agency.
    • Client has to pay advance 60% of the amount as an investigation process fee.
    • Client should not expose the case details to anyone while case is on process.
    • The Investigation Process fee is not refundable.

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