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    Welcome to Andtoro

    Andtoro is operational since July 2021, we have dynamic team of professional and dedicated to serve the security & investigation needs of businesses & individuals.

    We prevent or mitigate cyber-attacks by studying the threat data and providing information on adversaries. It helps to identify, prepare, and prevent attacks by providing information on attackers, their motive, and we create a plan that your defence teams can use to better target critical risks and risk apertures
    We provide our clients with services ranging from criminal defense investigations to covert surveillances.
    We serve our services all over india.

    Our Services

    Cyber Crime Investigation

    hacking, cracking, virus and malware distribution, DDoS attacks, online frauds, identity theft and social engineering

    Civil Cases Investigation

    Contact Andtoro for any civil case investigations like injusry, Compensation, Child custody, Marital Investigation etc

    Criminal Cases Investigation

    Drug dealing, money laundering, and fraud. Assault, including sexual assault and battery. Criminal damage or arson

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